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Trauma Informed Training for Teens and Teachers
Our students are in crisis. In addition to rising anxiety and depression rates, thirty percent of American children have endured at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE). The more ACEs a child experiences, the more likely they are to struggle academically and disengage from school.

I understand how trauma affects learning. I lived through eight of the ten ACE indicators. Let me inspire you with my story. Let my evidence-based strategies help you connect with your students. Together, we can make your classes a bridge between survival and success.

If your school is striving to

  • support mental health in the classroom
  • connect with hard-to-reach students
  • help prevent teen suicide
  • meet the social, emotional and educational needs of students and teachers

…then I am the guide you seek.

Presentations for Teens
I connect with teens because I speak their language. With a combination of street credibility and fairy tale hope, I teach students how they can do what I did: get past the rough stuff and reach their highest goals. Students come away feeling empowered to create changes that, just hours before, seemed impossible.

  • Beggar to Baller: How I Went from Homeless Kid to Bestselling Author
  • Almost Suicide: Back from the Edge
  • UnBullied: How to be Socially Indestructible

“When Cyndy spoke at my school I was being abused at home. It was hard to make it through each day. Learning how she survived her childhood experience gave me hope that things would get better. I have never felt as seen or heard in my school.” — Diana, 17, North Carolina

Professional Development for Adults
Every grownup has a story about that one teacher whose genuine caring helped them through high school. I help each teacher become that one with actionable, research-based strategies for meeting the needs of struggling students. The result? A renewed classroom dynamic built from connection, respect and engagement.

  • Quick Fix to Boost SEL Engagement
  • How to Counter Trauma, Help Kids Heal, and Save Lives in Your Classroom
  • Want to Connect with Hard-to-Reach Teens? Give Them Voice and Choice
  • 1st Block Revolution: Reading Instruction for Struggling Teens
  • Tricks for Engaging Teens with Virtual Learning

“I was compelled and captivated by Cyndy and her story. She speaks with real and raw emotion and truth, and lets herself be vulnerable while emboldening her listeners to act in respectful ways to all learners. Her story, her ways of fostering relationships, will resonate with students and teachers alike.” — Julie York, Teacher, Thomas Worthington High School

For more information, reach out to me at cyndy@cyndyetler.com

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