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Is it me? Is it you?

I lived the nightmare.

When I was a kid, my mother and her husband abused the fuck outta me.

At 12, I hit puberty and started fighting back.

At 13, I ran away and was homeless.

At 14, my mother locked me up in a “troubled teen” program, Straight Inc., that’s been called “a concentration camp for throwaway teens.”

I was trapped there for 16 months, being abused in ways you can’t even imagine. I saw a lot of blood. I heard a lot of bodies, breaking. I wasn’t allowed to scream. I wasn’t allowed to move.

When I got out, I wanted to kill myself, quickly.

Instead I did it slowly, by having mean sex with guys who hated me.

I started my life with other people abusing me. Then I learned to do it for myself.

Today, thanks to a lot of therapy and a decision to spend my life helping kids like me, I’m way better. Today, my life is almost perfect.

This is a blog about me, but maybe it’s also about you.

There are so many of us who have been hurt by people with power and control.

In my blog, in my books, I describe what hurt me, and how I survived.

If you’ve been hurt, and you want to know how to survive, come on. Get reading.