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How to Fix My Life

Holy shit, you guys. The question of how to fix my life is a big one. Like you want me to tell you how to fix your whole. Frigging. Life?! Yeah right.

No seriously. Yeah, alright. I can do that. Here you go.

10 Simple Steps for How to Fix My Life

1: Make a list of what’s going okay in life. This will calm you down by helping you realize there is stuff that doesn’t totally blow.

2: Make a list of what’s going sucky in life. This gives you clarity on exactly what needs fixing.

3: Which three things on the suck list do you most want to be different? Now the idea of creating change is doable instead of overwhelming.

4: Which of those three would create the most profound shift if it was suddenly how you want it to be? That one is your focus.

5: How do you want things to be in that part of your life? Get as specific as you can. What would it look, feel, taste, sound, and smell like? Create a vivid picture. This creates excitement and motivation to take action.

6: What would it take to make that change happen? Trust your gut and brainstorm everything you can think of.

7: Which of these things is the easiest to do? That’s where you’re going to start the how to fix my life process.

8: How could you do that thing? Check it out. You’ve got a plan.

9: When will you take that action? Put it on a calendar. Set a timer. You’re way more likely to do a thing if you get specific and commit to it.

10: Cross that action off your list and hit the next easiest task. Repeat steps 7 through 10 until that part of your life is golden.

Look at you go! You slay. Step back and bask in the changes you created. Let it sink in that you did this—you fixed this part of your life—which means you can do this. You’ve got the power. So like, what can’t you do? Damn, kid. Damn.

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